The summer sun can be stifling for commuters in the Adriane, Jackson, and Saline areas. Not just for drivers, but for the vehicles, too. At our Clinton, MI new car dealership, we’ve seen the effects of rising heat indexes, and the wear and tear they can bring about if you’re not prepared. Here are few handy tips to keep you, your family, and your RAM trucks happy and hydrated during summer’s hottest days.

When the temperature rises, you want to be 100 percent certain that your radiator/coolant system is working at maximum capacity. And you’ll definitely need to check if your air conditioning system is in perfect shape before embarking on any big summer road trips. The best way to ensure a smooth and cool drive is get a thorough check from our talented technicians at our service center.

Our certified experts will ensure that your refrigerants are fully charged while scoping for any potential leaks, and we’ll also thoroughly inspect your coolant system to make sure that coolant levels are perfect, the coolant reservoir is properly filled, and that every hose is solid. Our accomplished crew will also ensure that your tires are properly inflated, as tire pressure levels rise with the heat, and they’ll scope summer problem areas you wouldn’t expect—such as serpentine belts and radiator hoses (which your vehicle can’t stay cool without)—and they’ll refresh and top off essential fluids such as oil, brake, power-steering and windshield-wiper fluid.

In addition to visiting our service center at O’Hara Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, there are plenty of simple steps you can add to your own daily routine to keep yourself and your vehicle happy. An old fashioned sunshade or fancy window visor can work wonders towards keeping your car cool and prolonging its interior beauty. Not only does it help prevent your dash from cracking, it can also shield you from hot steering wheels. Parking in the shade is a smart tactic, too. Even if it happens to be further across the parking lot than you’d like, sometimes it worth an extra walk to avoid stepping into a car sauna. We also recommend tossing blankets of vinyl and leather seats to prevent cracking and sweating while you sit. And, just as your vehicle needs fluids, you’ll want to make sure to keep yourself hydrated, too.